How to better engage prospects on LinkedIn

Being active and increasing your engagement on LinkedIn can be an excellent lead generation strategy. Find out how to add value when engaging with potential prospects by following these necessary tips!


Convey your value!

Before communicating with your LinkedIn connections to convert them to customers, you must ensure that your LinkedIn summary has the correct positioning. Prospects want to be confident in your skills and expertise in order to feel like you have the means and resources to help them achieve a result.

Your summary should include a brief statement about what you do, a synopsis of your experience and an emphasis how your experience and accomplishments in your field are valuable to your prospective connections. Ensure you include a call to action at the end of your summary, for example you might ask them to call you on a specific number or book in a free consulting session.

A well developed summary will allow prospects to easily validate that you have the understanding for what they need and can therefore deliver results.


Leverage your LinkedIn feed to deliver content that establishes your expertise.

Be a content creator! Utilise LinkedIn as a platform to demonstrate that you’re an expert in your field. Show your connections that you understand them and their challenges. By sharing relevant case studies or reflections on your industry, you will be able to demonstrate how you can help clients position their business when faced with future challenges.

Sharing and posting original content on LinkedIn has many benefits. By interacting on posts, you gain the opportunity to talk directly to your ideal audience. When this expertise has been established, your connections will feel more justified in becoming your customers. Sharing content frequently will also allow you to maintain visibility in the LinkedIn feed.


Customise LinkedIn conversations

Once your profile has been established and you have positioned yourself as a thought leader and expert in your field, you can begin communicating with your connections to convert them into customers.

Ensure you personalise your messages based on your knowledge about the person. Generic messages can be utilised, however personalised messages will ensure a greater response rate.


Monitor your notifications

LinkedIn is a great way to acknowledge and recognise your connections. It is an easy and worthwhile opportunity to reach out and communicate with people. Again, personalise your message to allow for it to stand out from the rest. When personalising a message, a great strategy is to add an offer that your contact can respond to. You can also utilise this tactic if people congratulate you.


Develop messaging scripts to move conversations towards the sales pipeline

It is imperative to move your connections off LinkedIn and into your sales process. This move could be to a landing page or email campaign. To ensure that your messages to your connections are targeted, you can generate scripts to help you focus on your end goal. Allow the script to act as a framework to guide you. Here you can ask permission to move the conversation off LinkedIn. If you don’t receive a response, you can follow up in a weeks time with a proceeding script.


The key to effectively engage prospects is personalised communication. This type of communication allows your connections to feel valued and trust in your expertise and further guidance.

To find out more information on LinkedIn, contact your local advisor!