Advantages of using LinkedIn to market your business

Many business professionals utilise LinkedIn to generate connections with other business leaders, promote their current ventures, strengthen their contacts and share news about respective industries. Strategic use of LinkedIn enables CEO’s and Business owners to market to a broader audience. By harnessing the power of LinkedIn, businesses are able to leverage strategies that assist with overall business areas.


Build your brand & take advantage of LinkedIn’s branding capabilities

LinkedIn’s branding capabilities will assist in enhancing your brand, adding value to your profile and building a following that recognise you as a leader in your field. Ensure you are posting relevant and timely information about the current happenings in your company. Utilise the platform to provide details about events that will in turn provide opportunities for face to face contact. Through the connections generated on the platform, you have the opportunity to request recommendations from your connections that will in turn highlight their impressions of your skills and expertise. These positive recommendations will serve importance with current and future customers.


Don’t just network with clients and colleagues, get connected!

Your business profile is also about connecting to other companies in your industry. LinkedIn has a wealth of data from account holders. This extensive data is crucial for businesses to conduct sales inquiries or get a foot in the door with a potential new customer.


Aim to become a top five influencer

LinkedIn has a vast community atmosphere, including interactive features that allow you to build relationships and collaborate with other community members. Contribute to conversation and create discussions! Those discussions that generate the most feedback, push you towards becoming a top five influencer. This list means that your business will build a reputation as being a trusted and knowledgeable expert. In addition, creating polls will allow you to learn about your competitors and allow your customers to stay on top of trends and changes in your industry.


Grow your business

Staying connected to potential clients and employees will help strengthen your LinkedIn connections and provide you the opportunity to grow your business. Ensure you utilise LinkedIn to keep future customers informed of your company’s growth and success while you begin to build your network of future employees. Sole proprietors or company leaders can become recognised experts by establishing themselves as an expert answering questions and actively participating in group discussions. 


To learn more about how LinkedIn can help market your business, contact your local advisor!