Ever wondered how you could build a wold-class sales team?

It takes a combination of factors to ensure the continual success of your business. Even if you have the best product or service out there, the lack of a high performing sales team might mean that your business will suffer. Locating a person with the right sales traits and skills, combined with the best approach to training and guidance, will push you further towards the desired results!


Hire the BEST fit!

A multi-phase approach to the hiring process is most effective. Start by identifying the specific needs your business has in the area of sales and then from there, you can craft a compelling job description that will assist in narrowing down the range of applicants.

Your main goal is to attract people with a background that closely resembles your business. An observation by sales expert Laurence Bret-Stern states that “while it is important to be open-minded about experience and background – the experience must be relevant.”


Utilise a methodical approach to the interview process.

The interview process is vital to ensure that you are able to choose the right person. During the interview process, start by asking your candidates why they want to work for you. Their answer to this question will indicate whether they’ve done the necessary “due diligence” on your business beforehand – a useful trait for investigating and contacting potential customers on your company’s behalf.

In addition to this, you should be asking the right questions in regards to past sales experience, knowledge of sales cycles and their process of closing a deal. Here you can pay close attention to the candidate’s attitude and demeanour. Sales and customer service expert Wendy Connick notes that “the way sales people sell themselves is the way you can expect them to sell your product or service.”


Ensure you provide the best sales technology resources!

Having a strong investment in sales performance technology is integral within today’s digital era and no business can hope to compete without one. At the very least, your business should have a powerful CRM platform to ensure that the sales team can track important metrics and have the ability to update every transaction with prospects, leading up to closing a sale.

Automation means significantly less time and effort is required to complete other sales related tasks that once had to be performed manually. For example, email software will automate follow-up messages to prospects, messages that can be personalised and closely tracked for data-collection purposes. Technology will allow your business to reduce, or in some cases eradicate, process-oriented labour; in turn allowing your sales team to focus on what’s most importance – sales themselves!


Strengthen your team by filling in experience gaps through training and coaching

There are numerous online sales training courses available for your team, some of which may be available for customisation to suit your company’s needs. With the opportunity to take part in webinars, attend sales conferences or engage in other learning activities, your sales team will be able to collaborate and share new ideas as well as becoming re-energised about the entire sales process.

On-the-job coaching is just as important! Where possible, you should look for mentoring opportunities within your team. This type of focused interaction and collaboration can really assist in strengthening your team.


Every business seeks enthusiastic and hard-working sales people. Following the above-mentioned approaches to hiring, offering technical support and coaching, you will be able to increase the success of your business! To discuss the implementation of these strategies, or to gain insight into how The Alternative Board can help you strengthen your business through peer advisory boards and one on one coaching, contact us today!