Rob Sandbach – Indiespring Case Study


INDIESPRING HAS JUST CELEBRATED ITS 5TH BIRTHDAY, and its MD, Rob Sandbach, is still just 29 — what an achievement! Rob started his working life in digital agencies where he worked with many big brands, but in his spare time he developed an interest in creating computer games. He eventually left
the security of employment to explore the world of freelancing, and started working with his first client from his back bedroom — that client still remains with him.

Rob didn’t make a conscious decision to grow his business, but, with the amount of work coming his way, he needed to bring in more people (his brother was the first). Indiespring began to grow and with three people it was time to move into a ‘proper’ office. The services they delivered expanded too, including digital marketing, website development, PPC and mobile apps.

The culture at Indiespring is something that is incredibly important to Rob. This was easy at first as he brought in friends and family to work in his business, but, as it grows, Rob needs to work harder to maintain the working and management style that is at the root of Indiespring. He recognises that many employees these days are looking for more than just a good salary – flexible working, a full drinks fridge’ and a day a week for training and personal development are fantastic perks they all enjoy, all from their prestigious new office in Central Manchester.

As far as Indiespring clients are concerned, they can be certain that they will get the personal touch. There’s no technical jargon, just simple and honest talking, which most clients value and, more importantly, understand!

So, what’s Rob learnt in his 5 years as a business owner? “I’ve gone from doing the doing, to telling people what to do, to now having people that already know what they should be doing! My learning curve about management and culture has been massive and that’s just part of where TAB has helped me immensely. TAB is our business’s best friend.”

Rob joined TAB when he’d been running his business for two years. He admits he was a little sceptical at first although he knew he needed something to help him scale and grow.

“I couldn’t see how someone outside my sector could advise me – but I was wrong!” The investment in time and money was a
concern, but he admits that he learned so much in the first few months that it soon became apparent his relationship with TAB would be long term.

Like all TAB Boards, Rob’s has a variety of different people and businesses but it’s clear that they all get along really well. This doesn’t mean they always agree. “There are often conflicting views and perspectives and it’s important to get a rich tapestry of ideas and advice.”

“My fellow TAB Board Members? I love them!” he adds. “They are from very different businesses, but that just adds to the richness and quality of feedback.”

“Working with my TAB Facilitator, Paul, who genuinely cares about my business and me personally has transformed my approach to running the business. Paul has an outstanding ability to see the problem from a fresh angle.”

The future for Indiespring is ambitious – 50% growth in turnover in 2017. But with TAB’s help and his motivated Indiespring team, Rob really believes they can achieve it!