Lee Dewerson – Safe N Sound Case Study


A common ingredient to successful businesses is the behind-the-scenes hard graft and numerous hours of labour. Many small to medium business owners will agree that plain hard work has been key to their initial success.  For this reason, many owners can easily find themselves working tirelessly within the business, yet failing to step out and work ‘on’ their business.

Lee Dewerson has put in the hard graft and for many years has worked 60-hour weeks relentlessly, learning all there is to know about the Audio-Visual technology world. Lee is now a Co-Owner and Operator of Safe N Sound Limited, a high-end retailer and installer of audio-visual systems, which has branches in New Zealand and Australia.

“Despite starting out as an electrician, my true passion was always audio. So about 15 years ago, I worked in the automation side of things for various companies in Auckland. I wanted to suss out the industry and learn all there is to know about the audio field. I got to the stage where I was ready to go out on my own. This hard work has led me to where I am today, with my
own business.”

Lee finds value in being involved in The Alternative Board peer group process. “Business owners will gain different perspectives, preventing tunnel vision.”

“By attending Board Meetings you learn a lot about your own business. You also learn a lot about yourself, especially from different perspectives,” Lee explains. “When you run your own business, you can get narrow minded, and tunnel vision can easily set in, especially as there just aren’t enough of you at that one level. It is good to have everyone’s opinion. I’ve resolved several issues while sitting at the Board table with the other Members.”

Being a Member of TAB has provided Lee with lots of lessons—important include being more deliberate and taking the necessary time to do things right.

“I’ve learned to take my time and not to rush things. Things take time. I now make sure that I know exactly what the client wants and the best way to do it. I ensure that I understand all of the products and all of the people involved.”

Lee’s other tips to business owners are to make sure that capital is available to fund growth, work as much as possible, don’t give in, and, most importantly, don’t overspend. The Alternative Board peer group process provides the support and accountability that allows Lee to stay true to these tips.