Daniel Hepburn -Online Logistics Case Study


When a business starts as a result of a person’s true passion, it is likely to initially thrive.  However, passion alone will not necessarily make it successful in a competitive market.  To be heading towards success, a business requires forward thinking, business plans, strategies and accountability, all of which are part of The Alternative Board approach.

Daniel Hepburn is the Owner/Director of Online Logistics in Auckland, an international freight management company with a focus on shipping vehicles.

“Four years ago, I started my own company to give people a better shipping experience, particularly in shipping vehicles. Shipping is a very competitive field. Our passion for cars is what keeps us going in this busy industry. Cars are what we know, and are what we do best,” he explains.

Before joining The Alternative Board, Daniel remembers some nagging questions that wouldn’t go away, and, fortunately, a friend recommended the solution.

“I was busy driving the business forward and ploughing my energy into the business but inside I kept asking myself, how on earth do I accomplish all of this stuff?
I wondered to myself, what is next in this big challenge? All of the time, I was thinking, where am I going with the business and how do I get there? A friend introduced me to The Alternative Board and I became a Member.”

That introduction led Daniel to the answers he needed and gave him a new understanding of business.

“As a Member of The Alternative Board, it has let me understand the true fundamentals of business and business life. I have learned the rules of successful business formulas. These are things I just didn’t know before I became a Member. My Board Members at TAB have taught me how to ask the right questions to achieve success.”

Thanks to his TAB Board, Daniel’s leadership skills have also improved.

“The main change I have seen is not just within the business but within myself. I have newfound confidence to lead my staff, and I have confidence in what I am doing, and what I am trying to achieve. TAB has helped me to lead from the front and do what I need to do to get stuff done.”

Daniel believes that resilience and organisation are key to a successful business. He lives by the mantra: ‘Never give up.’ The Alternative Board peer group process of accountability allows Daniel to create and maintain an organised and well-structured business.