How To Identify A Good Business Coach Who Can Help Your Company


One of the most common reasons my clients come to me is because they’re struggling to find the right personal balance and passion for their business.

With solving this concern, a priority, a particular kind of business coach who focuses on personal growth, as much as business growth, will help you achieve the right support for your needs.

The way I see it is that when you’re ready personally, your focus will move back to working on your business.

Here are 3 things which I work on with clients in this predicament, which could help you consider whether your business coach is focusing on the areas which you might need the most support to achieve your goals.

1. Redefine your personal and business goals together

This is the foundation for all your next steps.

If your personal life doesn’t match your business goals, things can feel out of kilter. 

As an example, I currently worked with a client who had moved to the Beaches from Coffs Harbour and was deeply unhappy living in the new area. Her business was suffering because she felt she did not belong.  I worked with her to understand what she really wanted to do. The result was that she wanted to move back to Coffs Harbour, which she did, and her business is now on track again.


2. Have good strategies to keep business growing and making a profit

Balance is found when you have the right support around you, be that through system efficiencies or people you can trust by your side.

I always take a bird’s eye view of a business and look to find ways you can cut your work responsibilities within your budget.

One of my clients, who’d had a serious leg injury, could not work. As they had already been working on getting the team to be more accountable, the business was able to trade through the recovery period and helped him deal with the trauma and the effects it had on him mentally.


3. Having clear processes and systems in place

This is key for long term success in any business.

These systems need to fit around your personal and professional goals. Defining those goals is important, and then making your systems follow suit, it is a good foundation for growth.  A

client came to me who was part of a new 3-way partnership in a new venture.

The client wanted to ensure that she was included in the management team as an equal. We worked together to bring key processes and systems into the business, which has made her an equal in the success of the business.

Finding the right coach who understands you and is willing to work on your personal and business aspects will make a huge difference on the success of your business.


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