How To Prepare Your Business As Australia Opens Up

After months of lockdown, Australian states are finally opening to locals as well as for international travellers, and with that, businesses are slowly opening their doors to the public.

With the lockdown being put in place for over 100 days in some states, it’s no surprise that business owners may feel some uncertainty and confusion on how to tackle the issue of reopening their establishments – The Alternative Board is here to provide support and assistance. 

 We spoke to some of our TAB Australia facilitators, Andrew Lawrence, John Sweeney, Marlise van der Merwe and Crystal Petzer about how to ready your business.

Use technology

With all the rules and regulations that each state will have in place, it could be a nightmare for business owners to stay on top of all the regulations.  There will have to be careful consideration given to people who do not want to get vaccinated and to comply with prescribed regulations, without losing the relationship.

Technology is playing a key role in the roll out, with QR code check-ins, vaccination certificates and the like.


The 90-day plan 

If your business has suffered during the lockdown or hasn’t done as you would’ve expected, it is safe to take time and think of a new approach for your operations and prepare a 90-day plan.

Think about what you are and are not going to do over the next 90 days, whether that’s cutting down products, introducing new ones to attract more customers, focus more on a certain aspect of your business, or keep things running the way they are. The 90-day plan is designed to build an efficient system that helps your business run smoothly and to avoid any hiccups that may arise. 

Relaunch strategy 

Once you’ve got your 90-day plan in place, it’s time to think of more long-term strategies, say over the next 1-3 years.

Take this time to think about the vision you had and the goals you’d set out to deliver when you started the business, think of things that did not work out due to lockdown that did have potential in them – the relaunch strategy can act as a guide on how you can do business differently, and with more experience now that you’re better aware of mistakes you once made. 

Success factors 

It would be best if your relaunch strategy included 3-5 success factors that cover key aspects such as staffing, supply chain, and becoming efficient on ways to market and sell your products or services. Focusing on success factors is important since it’s a practical way of boosting morale within the company as well as increasing the overall success of your business. 

 However, there are many other businesses whose operations suffered, and these business owners may not be as confident in sustaining their businesses. For them, the reopening phase is a great way to be realistic and think of exit strategies or passing the business onto the next generation to keep it alive, just under different ownership. 

If you’d like to discuss the reopening of your business or would like assistance on how you can create the above-mentioned plans, our experts at The Alternative Board can help guide you through the process.

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