Hiring New Employees

Do you wish you could know which applicants were the most likely to succeed?

Finding the perfect candidate for an open position can be tricky.

You want a person who will be a good cultural fit, possess the right job skills and who will be able to get up to speed quickly.

Most likely, you also need this person quickly.

Maybe one of your key people left unexpectedly, leaving you with a critical position unfilled. Maybe your business is growing rapidly, and, in order to keep up, you need to expand your sales team. Maybe you’re starting to burn out and desperately need to hire an executive assistant.

Whatever the reason, you’re searching for the best person for the job — and you needed them in their position last week. But in order to be effective, the hiring process can’t be rushed. Hiring the wrong person can be costly, both in the amount of time spent on the job search and in lost productivity for the company.

The Center for American Progress estimates those costs (both in money spent and productivity lost) can add up to around 16% of the person’s salary for hourly workers. That number can go as high as 213% for a highly trained position. And the Harvard Business Review reported that up to 80% of employee turnover can be attributed to poor hiring decisions. Any number of things can affect why new employees churn.

But one of the biggest things that you can control is having an effective hiring process that makes sure open positions are filled efficiently with excellent candidates.

To make a good hire the first time, you need to start with strong foundations. These three core principles will help guide you through every step of the hiring process — from crafting job descriptions and asking smart interview questions to making the final hiring decision and onboarding your new employee.

Effective Hiring will help you assess, develop, and retain top talent.

Recruiting challenges for small businesses are enormous. Business owners do not have the time to spend on hiring effectively, and, as a result, they often hire quickly but not effectively. Effective Hiring details a four-step hiring process that will help you organise your recruiting efforts.

  • Organise the job description and set realistic goals
  • Information on how and where to promote the open position
  • Assess your candidates to ensure greater recruiting success
  • Successfully on-board a new employee in a way that will help reduce turn-over


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