The Alignment Factor

Achieving Business Success through Organisational Alignment

If you are a business owner or Key Decision Maker (KDM) can you answer YES to the following statements?

• A clear company vision has been established, and I am comfortable communicating it.
• My direct reports (DR) understand my vision of where I want to take the business and are leading their teams
in a direction that will achieve my vision.
• The company effectively motivates employees to achieve goals.
• Most people who work here feel fulfilled.
• Internal procedures are so clearly communicated in writing that the company operates effectively.

If you cannot enter YES to these, read on…

A lack of alignment between the KDM and the executives who report directly to him or her will keep a company from achieving its highest potential for success and, in extreme cases, destroy the business.

In an aligned relationship, both parties have respect for each other and are committed to the same company goals. Alignment makes both KDMs and DRs more effective.

Alignment is the side-by-side effective working relationship in an organisation that generates great results

The Alternative Board provide a comprehensive 12 month training program (2 to 2 1⁄2 hours per month) that unlocks potential, boosts employee performance and increases profits. This program, proven to bring about more productivity and less stress, works directly with company KDMs and the people who report directly to them. As each factor of Alignment is adopted at the top level, alignment spreads throughout the company by the direct reporting managers with those who report to them.

The Alignment Factor™ consists of the following training sessions:

  • Commitment
  • Communication
  • Culture
  • Collaboration

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