DISC is a method for describing how people behave and respond to their environment. It is founded on the idea that all people exhibit the same four styles of behaviour in varying degrees:

  • Dominance
  • Influence
  • Steadiness
  • Compliance

DISC is a very powerful tool that will help a person to:

  • Understand yourself and your own behaviour
  • Understand your team and how to get the best from the people in it
  • Recognise who you’re interacting with and how to get on with different people
  • Improve your communication skills and the relationship-building process

Using DISC profiling in the workplace:

  • Shortlisting
    DISC profiles can help you identify those candidates whose behaviour closely fits the sort of person you are looking for.
  • Interviewing
    DISC profiling can be used as a foundation to develop questions to be used at an interview to explore the person’s behavioural fit to the role.
  • Employment
    Once employed, the person’s DISC profile can be used in a range of applications, such as assessing suitability for a team, and identifying any training requirements.
  • Assessment
    The employee’s profile can be used to complement the assessment process. By exploring the individual’s behavioural fit to the job and performance on the job, desirable behaviour modification can be identified together with appropriate training.
  • Training & Development
    Aside from identifying an employee’s training requirements, DISC profiling can be used as a building block in a wide range of training such as Sales and Customer Service training and Team Skills Building.
  • Promotion & Redeployment
    By understanding the individual’s behavioural style, we can match his or her suitability to other roles, such as moving into a management position or to a different function – for example, from Sales to Customer Service.

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