What Technology Is Best For Driving Growth

Advances in technology have significantly leveled the playing field for small and mid-sized businesses. They now have access to much of the same technological resources previously available only to larger companies and these resources enable them to become more efficient, provide better customer service and enhance efforts to grow the business.

The key is knowing how to leverage advanced technology to solve pressing business challenges. Such challenges might include:

  • Update antiquated business processes
  • Boost brand awareness through an expanded social media presence
  • Promote greater employee project collaboration, including a remote workforce
  • Improve the sales process through automation and other digital resources
  • Generate more efficiency in overall operations
  • Here are keys areas where a significant new investment in technology might drive growth in your organisation:

    The Cloud

    The cloud serves as a worldwide network of servers that enables participants to conduct a full range of business activities online. This has dramatically increased the ability of owners and their employees, to work in the business from virtually anywhere.

    With the cloud, specific servers or applications are hosted remotely on a server, instead of locally on your computer. Users store data on the remote server, meaning they don’t need to be tethered to their desk, or office, to use a cloud-based application.

    “The benefits of the cloud are immense,” as Small Business Trends notes. Moving your business to the cloud “not only eases the workload but also increases productivity and coordination, facilitates mobility and reduces expenditure,” and, through multiple backup systems, helps “reduce the chances of loss of important data significantly.”


    Automation in business is nothing new, but great strides have been made in the development of automation platforms that systematise repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

    An increasingly popular tool in this realm is called Robotic Process Automation. This automation software “performs routine business processes by imitating the way people interact with applications through a user interface and following rules to make decisions,” notes Analytic Insights. Using this software means “an entire end-to-end process can be performed with a little bit of human interaction.”

    Transitioning routine tasks to automation software frees up your team to handle more strategic, customer-focused responsibilities.

    Digital Marketing

    Even now, when digital technology essential rules the marketplace, some businesses are slow to maximise the benefits of this resource. Businesses of virtually every size need to maintain a robust digital presence—through their websites, social media platforms and other areas—in order to remain competitive.

    The creation and execution of a well-thought-out digital strategy is the all-important first step. Social media marketing, email marketing campaigns and mobile optimisation are all effective formats for spreading the word about your business and the benefits your products offer to prospective customers. No channel should be overlooked when devising an overall digital marketing strategy.

    Of course, the bottom-line is drawing prospects to your website. Here’s where up-to-date design and development technology are absolutely crucial. A strong business website must be easy to navigate, visually appealing, informative without overloading the user and offer a seamless customer journey from beginning to end.

    It may seem that investing time and money into website design doesn’t appear to offer immediate return on investment. But a lacklustre, poorly operating website will hurt sales and discourage repeat business. Whether you draw upon the talents of an in-house web designer and developer, or need to outsource this responsibility, it’s really something your business can’t afford to neglect.

    Technology advances all the time. Your business doesn’t need to stay up-to-the-minute with these advancements, but no business owner can afford to ignore the potential benefits new technology can provide, at any step of the way.

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