Use Customer Testimonials to Help Your Business Thrive

How often are you asked, “what do you do?” Probably all the time – at networking events, social outings/parties, possibly when working to acquire new customers, etc. For me, this is a hard question. Why? First, I am naturally shy and introverted (although almost anyone who knows me may disagree there). And I am not particularly good at patting myself on the back. But I have gotten better over the years.

My natural answer to “what do you do” is, “I have the most psychologically rewarding job, ever! I get to help people change their business and their lives.” There is a part of me that feels like this is cocky, arrogant, boastful, etc. But the truth is, it isn’t. Just as you are good at what you do, I too am good at what I do.

But how am I communicating that? Outside of networking events, what are the best ways to let others know what I do/what you do.

The best answer is to let others – your customers/clients and other stakeholders – tell your story. Yes, good ol’ customer testimonials. We all know how important testimonials are and the value they bring, but many of us don’t do a great job promoting the actual value customers have experienced working with us.

Why does this happen? Well, often it’s because business owners get busy moving from one fire to the next, or one client to the next, and forget to follow through with their existing clients to get feedback to share with others.

Gathering quality customer testimonials takes a little discipline and a little time but is well worth it in the long run. When someone asks to speak to customers, you can point them to several places for more information – hopefully written and video. Places such as:

Your website

  • Written testimonials
  • Video testimonials
  • Case studies – write a profile that includes the initial challenge your customer had, what you did to solve the problem and how you brought value to your customer.


  • LinkedIn has a place where people can “Recommend” you. Reach out to your best customers and ask for a testimonial.


  • You can create your own company YouTube channel to house any videos you create, and also you can curate a list of those made by customers.

Soft copy & printed collateral

  • While this may seem old school, there are many who still want a document of your various customer testimonials emailed or handed to them. Take some of your best referrals and arrange things nicely with company artwork/logo so that you can email and/or give them a copy. If you email them the information, you can also refer them to your website with even more testimonials, including videos.

You still must have a great, short commercial that will provide enough detail about your company to get people to want to know more. However, let your existing customers help you out by promoting what they have to say through video, written testimonials, and case studies sharing their stories and how you helped. And remember, you need to be able to do this through a variety of media.

I get to work with amazing CEOs and fascinating companies. I help them live the rich rewarding life they deserve by taking their business to the next level. Their stories say things in a way and from a perspective that is unique and compelling for prospective clients.