How To Sell During Times Of Uncertainty

Thanks to lockdowns, struggles with outbreaks, and a slow vaccine roll-out, the landscape for business can be uncertain.

If your business is struggling right now, you may be wondering if there’s anything you can do to improve your sales.

While there’s no guarantee that any specific strategy will accomplish this during these unprecedented times, there are certainly adjustments you can make to your sales and marketing to help increase your chances.

By making these changes to your sales approach, you’ll ensure that you have a robust process now and in the future.

Here are some suggestions for selling effectively during times of uncertainty.

Increase the touch-points

Are you familiar with the rule of seven? It’s a marketing concept that suggests prospective buyers should hear or see marketing messages at least seven times before they buy from you, and studies have shown that it works. If you’re experiencing a slower period in your business right now, I encourage you to review your sales funnel and optimise it with opportunities to interact with your customers.

Additionally, whether you have a small or large business, it’s important that anyone who works for your company understands the role they play in your sales process. For example, a bad customer service experience could cause your customer to go elsewhere or not renew their contract.

Empathise with your customers

As difficult as this pandemic might be on your business, it might also be a hard-hitting time for your customers as well.

While you may be tempted to offer them deals and incentives to get more of their business, pause that idea for the moment. Instead, take the time to find out how your customers are doing.

This is an important part of managing your relationship with your customers and building trust with them.

Reach out to them to learn how their business may have been impacted by the pandemic.

This approach is welcoming, positive and it will give you a better idea about how your business can better support them. In fact, it may even provide you with new opportunities to diversify your business.

Adjust your messaging

Acknowledge that consumer behaviour changes when things are uncertain.

Consider how you can change your messaging to speak to the times and feeling. Taking a compassionate tone, sharing useful resources and giving your brand a human element will reinforce your reputation to clients or customers.

Consider what your client base may be struggling with, and try to troubleshoot that.

Support your sales team with value-driven collateral

Undoubtedly, the pandemic has caused many businesses to be cautious when spending their money. For this reason, it’s essential that you and your sales team have collateral that not only communicates your value but provides real-time value to your customers.

Similar to the previous point, you might want to consider providing your customers with industry insights that reflect the impact of COVID-19 on your industry and ideas as to how to keep their business relevant during these difficult times.

Although this pandemic has been difficult for many businesses, you don’t need to navigate it alone. The Alternative Board brings business owners together as a sounding board to help each other grow and succeed.

Enhance your online presence

Now is an opportune time, as people send more time online, to ensure your online presence is robust. Evaluate how your website appears, check your search engine optimisation (SEO), and look at your social media. Are you offering value and insight to your audience?

With lockdown, people spend a larger portion of time online, you can try and capitalise on this through offering blogs, video content, podcasts, interesting social posts and more information from your brand. You’ll be more discoverable and offer your audience valuable information.

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