How To Integrate Millennials Into Your Workplace

In looking at the year ahead, many of you might be looking at adding to your team whether through growth, retirements or maternity leaves. Regardless of the reason for hiring new staff, as I mentioned in my last blog about millennials, they are currently the largest generation in the workforce and fastest-growing generation in the marketplace. As a result, if you are hiring in general, there is absolutely no doubt that you will receive numerous applications from millennials.

Before hiring, you’ll need to take a look at how you can integrate millennials into your office or work environment and what new activities this may require on your part to retain your new millennial hires, including fostering their professional development, encouraging collaboration and empowering their leadership.

Fostering Professional Development

Millennials want to work for people who will inspire them to do great work. They tend to be less inspired by money or status, and more by core competencies and personality traits. Ultimately, in leading by example and fostering professional development, you can implement an environment of “soft skills” like trust, communication, feedback, work ethic and problem-solving. These help produce a positive workplace that encourage employees to succeed and ask questions about how to succeed.

Encourage Collaboration

Encourage collaborative discussions and team exercises with your intergenerational workforce. They may find in working together, they build a better understanding and appreciation of diversity, culture and how they each must adapt to form a better and stronger intergenerational workforce. Collaborating is crucial for everyone. Studies have shown it can actually boost productivity in the long run by increasing collaboration, brainstorming, and even positive mental breaks.

Empowering Leadership

Not only does collaboration make employees happier, but around half of millennials say workplace friendships motivate them, and 30% say these friendships make them more productive. Of course, there are tasks that only require one person. But when possible, encourage employees to team up and work together for the sake of their satisfaction and productivity. You’ll spark innovative ideas across the workplace generational divide.

According to millennials, the ideal work environment is one that’s mission-driven and collaborative. It’s a place where the people they work for inspire them to do great things, the people above them provide mentorship, and the people they work with are more than just coworkers. It’s a wonderful place, isn’t it?