How Technology Can Help Increase Productivity

If you’ve been running a successful business the same way for a number of years, you may be a bit hesitant to implement change, especially when it comes to technology.

For some, technology can be quite daunting, however, by not upgrading your technology you could be missing out on opportunities to grow your business and improve your customer experience. Instead of fearing technological change in your business, embrace it. With the proper research and planning you could implement even the smallest type of technological advances (e.g. chat box) and see exponential growth.

Here are some suggestions for how business owners can adopt technology to increase productivity.

Unifies teams and keeps them organised

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have been forced to work remotely. For these businesses, having the proper technology in place was vital to business continuity and having a minimal impact on their operations.

Be sure to consider your goals and business needs for the long term when selecting which one is best for you. You may find that another software better suits your needs depending on the size of your organisation. For example, some businesses may find that the functionalities of a program like Zoom might be better suited for them over Microsoft Teams.

This software can also help keep team members accountable and ensure deadlines are being met. Production often comes down to the tools you give your employees. With so many digital tools out there today for practically every possible business task, you can boost your success by upgrading your software. Imagine the reduction in time and energy for you and your staff when all of your production/projects are tracked and modified from your mobile phone.

Provides vital info on your customers

When it comes to introducing a new technology to your business, take advantage of all the benefits it has to offer. Gathering useful data on your customers is probably one of the most beneficial uses of technology today. However, with the thousands of software providers out there, it is hard for many business owners to decide which one is right for them.

Implementing tools such as Google Analytics or Salesforce can help you track data and provide you with important information to improve your customer experience, operations, or sales and marketing strategies.

Start small and take the time to explore relevant technologies for all areas of your business including marketing, accounting, operations and management. If you find one that might fit with your business, run it by your management team and sales staff before taking on a one-month free software trial.

Streamlines processes

Technology can also help streamline your business processes, therefore saving you and your staff time and money. We recommend reviewing your processes to see which ones could benefit from introducing technology. For example, you may find that adding a chat bot on your website alleviates time spent by your staff addressing FAQs from your customers. You may also choose to integrate your CRM with your website to help better capture leads. Take some time to consult with your staff and customers to learn where improvements can be made.

Implementing new technology into your business is an investment, so we encourage you to do proper research before committing to any particular vendor. You may also consider joining The Alternative Board to connect with fellow business owners and learn from them while helping each other grow and succeed.

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