Did you know sharing your woes as a business owner is good for you?

A problem shared is a problem halved, but who should you talk to so you don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater? Here’s three suggestions proven to work for many.

Research has shown that sharing our problems by talking to people you trust, will reduce our negative emotions, which may reduce our stress and strengthen our immune system. 

 That sounds like a good reason to start talking about our woes. 

 So, who do you trust in your business who you can share your woes with?


1. Join a business owners advisory board.

Businesses like The Alternative Board run business owner meetings where you will be with like-minded business owners who you get to know and trust in a confidential setting.  The benefit of talking with these business owners is that they understand what you are going through and can offer you suggestions and advice that may help with one of your woes. You may also find a solution to your problem by talking to a person who is outside of your business.


2. Find the right person for the problem.

Depending on what your woes are about there are many professional people that you can talk to, like an accountant or financial advisor if it’s money issues.  Otherwise, you can look towards a professional coach or counsellor that you trust which is another creative way to share what’s on your mind.  The key is trusting that person, so you feel comfortable and safe to share.


3. Share your feelings with people in the same situation.

Other research from California proved that to beat your business woes or stress is to talk to others with the same problems. Someone in a similar situation or emotional state will help you feel less stress and that you are not alone in the situation. 



Consulting staff from an emotional perspective is a tricky one. Transparency is important, but so too is bringing solutions and some professionalism to those discussions.


The Alternative Board runs sample meetings every month with like-minded business owners; this could be just the thing you need. Here is a link for more information https://thealternativeboard.com.au/19-reasons-landing-page/

By Crystal Petzer – TAB Pittwater