8 Ways To Become More Resilient In Your Business

Resilience is a recent buzzword- but what is it? In short, it is the ability to bounce back or recover from challenging situations or events when our plans go awry.

In such cases, resilient individuals are more equipped to maintain calm and focus on the aspects they can directly control.

Here are some ways to practice resilience in your personal and work life to help adjust yourself quickly when change happens, by Marlise Van Der Merwe, from TAB Logan. 

  1. Practice a gratitude mindset because it helps with a healthy attitude, well-being, and positivity. Also, make it a habit to visualise the end state and strategies to get there before taking on the “battle”.
  2. Learn from past mistakes and remember that the action steps you take today will influence your tomorrow. Find a solution or problem-solve a challenge instead of complaining.
  3. Reconsider how you look at setbacks and use them as a learning experience for something greater. Always remind yourself that every successful person faces tough situations. Most of the time, it’s beneficial to take it as a learning experience and embrace the change.
  4. Tune out the critics and focus on doing your best. Remind yourself that you have been through difficult times before- reflect on how you grew from those experiences and still managed to succeed in facing obstacles.
  5. Identify pillars of strength within your close networks, like family and friends, so you are not alone. Talk about your troubles to those who can listen to you, and even seek guidance from a mentor you trust.
  6. Be mindful of negative self-talk and replace it with positive self-talk; give yourself hope (away out). (e.g., Instead of “I can’t”, say “I can’t do it yet, I will learn to…”). We all experience bad periods in life; nobody is perfect, so don’t pressure yourself into being perfect, either.
  7. Take time out when you are tired and attempt again when you are replenished. You can never pour from an empty cup, so always give yourself grace. Try exercising, journalling, meditating, or indulging in hobbies beyond work; these methods help fight depression, give you a sense of control, and improve your immune system. Set healthy routines that’ll help you cope with challenges in life.
  8. Sometimes events are outside your control, except for those circumstances, but change the things you can or influence and be mindful of your attitude. Be flexible and tell yourself that well-thought-out plans and decisions can be affected at any time.

Utilising these few steps in your life can make you more resilient and also look for the positives than the negatives, in the long run, be it your business or other personal goals.