5 Tips For Handling Digital Marketing As A Small Business

Digital marketing is vital for any company these days, of any shape and size. Marketing, as a field, has almost entirely shifted into the digital realm and the possibilities for how it can be used to your company’s advantage are almost endless. In particular, where marketing has been traditionally a big drain on finances, digital marketing allows for cheap, occasionally free, marketing solutions that work for everyone, regardless of budgets and financing. So, it’s perfect for small businesses. But, it is still a challenge, and a challenge that you can get lost in if you don’t have any direction, which is more damaging for smaller businesses than larger ones. So let’s take a look at some tips for managing.

1. Your Website Is Key

If you were going to find an area to invest a little more heavily in, your website would be it. “It’s all very well having smart, strategic digital marketing plans in place but if they all ultimately lead back to a poorly designed, amateurish website, then you might as well not bother at all”, says Clara Jenkinson, digital marketer at WriteMyx and BritStudent. Your website is a big part of your marketing strategy, so invest in a proper designer, or take the time to teach yourself to a high level.

2. Push Hard On Social Media

Social media has been a revelation to marketers all around the world over the last decade. Its impact cannot be overstated, from influencers to hashtags, it has redefined the marketing landscape. For a small business, it’s a must. The reason for this is that you are able to generate a following for your account, and therefore reach an audience with your marketing material, without having to even pay for ads. Paid ads on Instagram, for example, are effective but, if you’re strapped for cash at the start, you can also just post interesting content on your page and use hashtags to generate organic interest, free of charge.

3. Treat Feedback Like Gold

When you are a small company, getting feedback can be harder and you certainly won’t have the luxury of reviews pouring in in their thousands. When you are able to convince a customer to review, milk their words for every last drop. Use it to develop marketing strategies in the future, to show customers, to adapt products, to create content from etc. “User reviews are so valuable to small companies who are always battling suspicion and doubt on the internet, their unknown brand overshadowed by the household names”, says Howard Colton, project manager at NextCoursework and Australia2Write.

4. Know Your SEO

A lot of digital marketing at the start is not just about establishing your brand in the public’s eyes but in the eyes of the search engines that host your website. When you first start creating content, opening social media pages, putting your site online you only just start getting on Google’s radar. It takes a sizeable campaign to convince Google not only of your legitimacy but that, or whatever products or services that you offer, they should want to direct their Google users towards your site. If you can achieve your ultimate goal, think of the good that does you as a small business. Just like getting free followers on social media, an electronics repair shop that is able to use SEO to appear in the top 5 search results for ‘electronics repair’ will naturally be doing very well for themselves.

5. Be Responsive And Tailored

As a small company, you are always looking for ways to outdo your larger competitors. There aren’t many categories in which you have the advantage but, if you’re smart, customer service is one of those areas. Digital marketing means connecting with your audience in the modern era of social media and instant messaging. While you’re not receiving too many customers to cope with, you should be dedicating yourself to responding quickly, politely and with that personal touch that large companies sometimes lack.

As a small company, you’re fortunate with how much you can achieve without too much financial expenditure. The modern era of digital marketing and social media means that so much is easily achievable on a budget. Do the basics right and embrace opportunism and you should be well on your way.