5 Things To Plan For The New Year To Come

What a year 2022 has been. A war broke out, oil costs skyrocketed, the longest reigning monarch passed away, data breaches in Australian companies, Reserve Bank interest rate rise after rate rise, the past 12 months have been a roller coaster. 

As times are steering towards uncertainty, it’s important to drive your business to success by identifying the changing markets and setting clear visions for your business.

For the most part, things are returning to normal but with the advent of futuristic technologies, the Metaverse, and other life-altering projects introduced in the world, normalcy no longer remains what it was last year. Considering this, it’s important to plan for the new year catering to the new demands and restraints enforced across the world. If you haven’t yet started planning and setting long-term goals for the new year, these are some important things to keep in mind: 


Centre your business around customers  

Whether it’s MNCs or SMEs at hand, the customer is always the centre and accelerator for all businesses. Even those which don’t directly cater to customers, the eventual product reaches the customer and if that isn’t satisfactory, it could mean huge losses for a business. That is why it’s essential to ensure customer satisfaction. Simple customer appreciation by featuring them on your stories or sending tokens alongside their orders can boost customer satisfaction and long-term revenues for the company.  

As the holiday season approaches, it could be worth creating holiday-themed products, services, or discounts to attract more customers. Loyal customers are bound to spread awareness of your business, considering their experience was worth it.  

 Another way to ensure you’re doing your best to satisfy customers is by creating year-round surveys. This can help you understand where to improve your services, and products and guide your employees accordingly.  


Set effective KPIs 

While KPIs are the most effective indicators of a business’s growth, many owners tend to neglect the information provided by them because of their complexity to comprehend. It’s important to track and measure all the KPIs including revenue growth, profit margins, client retention rate, and customer satisfaction. While setting goals and metrics, it’s important to determine what your desired outcomes are. KPIs can help boost revenue if they are set considering the company’s long-term goals in mind.   

It’s also important to employ a person to regularly update and collect KPI data to ensure that the goals are being met throughout the year and inform the owner of any noticeable setbacks. It often occurs that the plan you set out with is never the one you carry out so it’s important to have a qualified employee to update your KPIs with SMART principles.  


Increase your financial forecasting  

While most companies follow the generic yearly financial forecasting, it would be worth considering engaging in a detailed forecast quarterly (4 times a year) for efficient results. When the forecast is analysed earlier, it helps you understand whether your company is generating cash, making even, or heading towards a loss even before it happens. You can set your expenses of capital expenditure and employee salaries accordingly when the financial forecasts are done quarterly.  


Cultivate a better environment for employees  

With employee burnout and dissatisfaction at the highest it’s ever been, companies as a whole are taking a hit due to average, on-the-par performances. Low salaries and poor work-life balance is proving to be the ultimate reason for employee dissatisfaction and considering employees are the backbone of any business, it’s important to ensure their satisfaction.  

From the recruitment process to severance packages, it’s essential to recognise the talent that could enhance your business. For this, it’s crucial to keep a close eye on HR and make sure they’re devoted to finding top talents for the business.  

Today, employees are seeking to have a life away from the hustle-bustle of the business and opting for companies that offer flexible hours and work-from-home facilities. Considering work-from-home especially if there’s no need to physically be present in the office could cut down on considerable office maintenance costs for your business.   

In addition to occasional raises, bonuses, vacation days, airplane tickets, accommodation, and health insurance, it’s important to treat your employees with respect at the workplace so you receive the same in return. A burnt-out, dissatisfied, hateful employee can damage your business more than improve it.  


Take risks  

Nobody gets rich on the safe road. To enhance and develop your business from where it was last year, it’s important to take a leap of faith. As the fear of economic crises and pandemics holds your company back, many other businesses in the market are only trying to survive. It’s crucial to make changes wherever necessary – especially if you’re in the supply chain. Considering the fluctuations in the global supply chain market, you need to make tough decisions on changing your suppliers and vendors to better suit your business – and while time is of the essence, it’s important to invest in the quality of your products.