What is The Alternative Board?

Believe in the power of peer support.

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The Alternative Board brings you a thriving community of forward-thinking CEOs, business owners and leadership teams who share the collective wisdom and inspiration to radically improve their companies. Through unique combinations of one-on-one business coaching, participation in monthly Board meetings, a suite of strategic tools and workshops, a membership with The Alternative Board delivers greater strength to your business and a better work/life balance for you and your family. All packaged in a streamlined and affordable service that we invite you to try, risk-free.

What does a membership with The Alternative Board include?

Business Advisory Boards

As a Member of The Alternative Board, you’ll gain community, confidence and strategic clarity. You’ll join a carefully selected group of 8-10 peers in your area, coming from a range of non-competing industries. In these monthly, half-day sessions, you’ll get the kind of practical advice and objective perspective that you can’t get from employees, family or friends – helping you make better, faster decisions. By sharing accountability and informed feedback, you’ll gain the personal and professional momentum to confidently achieve your goals.

One-to-one Executive Coaching

Beyond your Board, one-on-one coaching will help you leave conflict, stress and roadblocks behind. With an experienced coach in your corner, you’ll get the personalised guidance you need to make difficult choices and hone your leadership skills. Your coach can help you clarify your vision, prioritise goals, set long-term objectives, gain objective insight into leadership challenges and much more. You’ll be able to enjoy profits and weekends again.

Strategic Tools

With The Alternative Board, you’ll get access to proven strategic business planning tools focused on forming your vision for both a successful business and a fulfilling life. Our Business Builder’s Blueprint™ will help you demystify the strategic planning process and provide a clear picture of how to achieve your strategic direction and vision. We can help you retire earlier and truly enjoy everything you’ve worked for.

Global Connections

Leave loneliness behind with your access to TAB Connect – our exclusive, online business network platform. You’ll connect with business owners from diverse backgrounds in similar verticals around the world – who all share The Alternative Board’s commitment to improving their businesses and changing their lives. Ask questions, get feedback and collaborate with other successful leaders.

Watch the videos below to give you a better insight into What We Do & How We Do It

Advisory Boards

Global Connections

Business Builders Blueprint


Start your journey with The Alternative Board

We invite you to try us and find out if we’re a good fit, risk-free.

Get in touch to explore how The Alternative Board can help you stop overworking and start fully living.

Meet with your nearest board facilitator to get to know each other and ask questions.

Discover whether The Alternative Board is right for you and your business.

Attend your first board meeting and experience the power of peer support.

There’s more with StratPro

In addition to standard membership, take advantage of our proven business transformation program, specifically designed to help you create an aligned, focused and accountable leadership team that delivers real results.

Our members are stronger together

“Board meetings provide structure and opportunity to air an issue or raise a concept for consideration.  I found immediately that there was a high degree of professionalism and respect around the table.”

Brett Prankerd
Brinlex Group

“Prior to working with The Alternative Board, we were focusing on the wrong things and spending too much time working hard without thinking about the approach we were using. We have been able to redirect so much of our energy into ways that have impacted on our productivity, mental health and bottom line.” 

Mikael Wedemeyer & Nathan Mussig
Niche Studios

“The Alternative Board have been a great support and the necessary push I needed to get my business on track, and keep me on point whilst working outside of my comfort zone.  Having other board members that I can pitch my ideas to and get valuable, constructive feedback has been imperative to my business as they see from outside in, but I can only see from inside out.  “

Steve Thomas

FS Security

Real business progress. Less stress.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a TAB Board work?

In monthly, half-day meetings, you’ll gather with your peers to discuss challenges, set goals and provide feedback. Board meetings are led by a TAB Certified Facilitator Coach. Your Facilitator has a wide array of professional expertise and has been trained to lead and facilitate business owner advisory boards, helping to draw out issues, ask clarifying questions, and provide suggestions, ideas and advice.

Unlike traditional business meetings that many of us have experienced, a TAB Board gives everyone equal time – equal time to discuss and seek help on their own challenge or opportunity. No one will dominate the meeting or take up a disproportionate amount of time. Your facilitator will keep the meeting on track and ensure you get what you need out of each meeting.

How can I benefit from the opinions of those on the board?

The big decisions have been all on your shoulders. Until now. The business owners and leaders on your board bring decades of collective wisdom and experience to the table. They also will not have a vested interest in your business beyond a genuine desire to help you. As a result, they’ll give you impartial business advice based on real-world experience, since they likely will have faced similar challenges themselves. You also get to do the same for them. Not only does the board provide accountability and expert advice, it becomes a mechanism for developing valuable friendships and community.

I don’t have enough time for most things, so how will I have time for this?

The Alternative Board is designed for busy leaders. We’ll help you increase profits without increasing your workload. Our monthly meetings are only half-day and are expertly facilitated to ensure efficiency and value. You’ll gain the freedom to live the life you’ve been working for.

Our carefully crafted services encourage you to take time away from your business. In stepping back briefly, you will benefit from the insight, experience, and wisdom of your TAB facilitator and your fellow Board members. You’ll gain the support and skills you need to make better, faster decisions and start reclaiming your time.

How will people from other industries be able to understand my unique business and help me with challenges and opportunities?

All businesses are unique in some way, but they still face many of the same major issues with time, people, strategy, money, vision and exit planning.

You are an expert in your sector, but everyone on your Board is an expert in business. The advantage of working with fellow business owners and leaders from diverse backgrounds is their ability to provide new perspectives and different ways to handle the same situation based on real world experience.

You will also get the opportunity to help others with their business growth by offering your perspective and advice. It’s a win-win! 


What is the investment for a TAB membership?

We are confident you will get a return on investment for your monthly TAB membership fee. As we offer personalised business support services, a conversation with your nearest TAB Facilitator will guide you through the process and allow them to provide you with your bespoke quote.

We’re so confident in our service that we offer a money-back guarantee – if you don’t feel you’ve received value after three months of TAB membership, we’ll give your money straight back.

Can a competitor join my board?

Put simply: no. We make sure a competitor cannot join your board. We have a comprehensive process that ensures you do not sit on a board with potential competitors. A key part of our screening process allows existing members to prevent new members from joining their board where they feel a conflict of interest could exist. This will guarantee no competitors join your group.

Can I attend a board before deciding to become a member?

Some of our TAB Facilitators offer the opportunity to attend a sample Board meeting, giving you the chance to experience how The Alternative Board works and the value it can provide for you and your business. Equally, if there are places on an existing Board and your facilitator thinks you’d be a good fit, they may invite you as a guest. 

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