Rise Above
Uncertain Times

Nine steps to safeguard your business


Take the Right Actions. Right Now.

"In the best of times having a quality sounding board of peers is vitally important. During times of economic uncertainty, having access to fresh perspectives, expertise and support when you’re facing big decisions is not a luxury — it’s a necessity.

As a business owner or leader, it’s essential to be healthy to weather a downturn. TAB Members share expertise and challenge each other to think critically. That helps you take the right actions, right now.

Being prepared is not only a competitive advantage — it gives you peace of mind. As part of TAB, you’ll address critical business decisions that will make your business as healthy as it can be, no matter what the outside world throws your way. It’s a small investment with BIG results."

By downloading our guide: 9 Steps to Safeguard Your Business, you will:
  • Learn how to assess your current situation and forecast the impact
  • Understand the importance of preserving cash and evaluating your finances
  • Learn strategies to retain your customer base
  • Look for opportunities to leverage your labour force and pivot your business model
  • Understand how streamlined operations and a great understanding of customer needs, can position your company to emerge healthy and ready for growth.

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What our members say


Tori van der Donk


Our mentor and fellow board members hold us accountable for the goals and actions we share, so you want to make progress on them each month. Our Facilitator asks hard questions that we’ve been avoiding asking ourselves, ensuring we answer truthfully and then do something about it to head in the right direction. Joining The Alternative Board has kept us focused and given us techniques and tools to start guiding the business into the next phase.


Grant McCarthy


My role as a sole partner can be quite a lonely one - there is a lot that my family do not understand or appreciate. I’ve found TAB meetings to be positive and supportive. I now have greater confidence and optimism for future plans - knowing that I can venture forward and I can source feedback, support and guidance to give myself every chance to succeed.


Mikael Wedemeyer
& Nathan Mussig


Prior to working with TAB, we were focusing on the wrong things, spending too much time working hard without thinking about the approach we were using. Redirecting so much of our energy into ways that have impacted on our productivity, mental health and bottom line. In almost 20 years in business we have seen and been through a lot and tried a lot of things to grow. TAB is the best thing we have done

Michael 2

Michael Sciberras
& Paul Sciberras


Any business that goes through growth needs to learn how to work smarter, not just harder. We decided that joining with other business owners who faced similar challenges would help us create a more direct, defined pathway to the outcomes we were looking for. We’ve been with TAB for more than two years now, we’ve seen our company and other member’s companies dramatically evolve in many ways.

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